Crab Cakes with Sriracha Mayo

Crab Cakes with Sriracha Mayo

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3 lb Lump Crab Meat

3 large eggs

18 Tbsp panko bread crumbs (or 1 cup, 2 Tablespoons)

9 Tbsp mayonnaise

3 tsp spicy brown mustard (can be subbed with yellow mustard)

3/4 tsp Sriracha hot sauce

3 tsp salt

1 1/2 tsp pepper

4 1/2 tbsp parsley or dill (fresh, optional)

12 tbsp Butter



Place crab meat in a colander to drain any excess water. Pat dry with a paper towel, and set aside.

In a large bowl, combine the mayo, mustard, Sriracha, eggs, salt, and pepper.  Fold in the crab meat until fully coated.

Slowly add in bread crumbs while mixing by hand. Once the bread crumb are fully incorporated, fold in the fresh parsley or dill.

Form six uniform patties from the mixture. (*Tip — We used a 3 inch round cookie cutter to ensure our patties were even.)

Heat a skillet to medium-low and add 2 tbsp of butter (We used 2 tbsp for three patties. Feel free to use less if desired). Place as many patties as can comfortably fit in the pan while leaving room to flip the patties. (A good rule of thumb is 3 patties at a time for a medium sized skillet.)

Flip after about 10 minutes, or when the side facing down is evenly brown. Repeat on the other side.

Continue until all patties are fully cooked. We topped ours with more Sriracha before enjoying!


Sriracha Mayo



3 Tbsp mayo

1 Tbsp Sriracha, Tabasco, or any hot sauce of your choice

1 tsp lemon or lime juice

1/4 tsp soy sauce (optional)



Combine ingredients in a bowl until well blended.  Can be used as a dip or spread for your favorite dishes.

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  1. Judy Rafferty
    Judy Rafferty says: January 12th 2018, 17:12

    These look delicious Jonathon!!! I will try them during this wintry weather weekend!

  2. Mark
    Mark says: January 17th 2018, 21:03

    Chef Jonathon is a wonderful chef, husband, father and colleague. Great recipe buddy!


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