• Discover the Dinosaurs

Discover the Dinosaurs

For the past two years, the Knoxville Convention Center has hosted an interactive, family-friendly exhibit, “Discover the Dinosaurs.” During the event, 60 museum-quality and animatronic dinosaur replicas take over the center. Step into our exhibit hall, and you’ll be transported 65 million years into the past when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

Our exhibit hall is transformed into a prehistoric playground. The interactive, hands-on exhibit allows families and children to get close to the dinosaurs and even touch them. Attendees can push buttons to control the dinosaurs’ movements and make them roar. Discover the Dinosaurs provides a fabulous adventure for the whole family.

From a life-sized replica of a T. Rex head and educational displays to dinosaur inflatables and a well-stocked gift shop, there’s something for everyone. Kids can even ride a dinosaur. It has never been more fun to learn about dinosaurs.